Adjournment for pre-sentence reports

[There is a presumption in favour of an oral report on the same day wherever possible. Offences which require a full assessment, e.g. a treatment requirement or for domestic violence/sexual offences or prolific offenders may require an adjournment. Local practices differ.]

We are putting your case back until ………… am/pm today [or until …………].

You must see and co-operate with a probation officer who will prepare a [written][oral] report which will give us more information about you. You may be asked questions to help them consider whether you are suitable for a particular sentence. This is not an indication of the sentence you may be given. The court may impose any sentence that the law allows [including a custodial sentence].

[If an either-way offence.] We could still commit you to the Crown Court for a greater sentence than we can impose.

[Deal with bail/remand as appropriate]


Unconditional bail
Conditional bail
Remand in custody post-conviction (either-way & indictable offence)
Remand in custody post-conviction (summary imprisonable offence)