The definitive guidelines for sentencing terrorism offences were issued on 28 March 2018 and came into force on 27 April 2018. The guidelines covered the following offences:

  • Preparation of terrorist acts, Terrorism Act 2006, s.5
  • Explosive substances (terrorism only) Causing explosion likely to endanger life or property Explosive Substances Act 1883, s.2
  • Attempt to cause explosion or making or keeping explosive with intent to endanger life or property, Explosive Substances Act 1883, s.3
  • Encouragement of terrorism, Terrorism Act 2006, s.1
  • Dissemination of terrorist publications, Terrorism Act 2006s, s.2
  • Proscribed organisations – membership, Terrorism Act 2000, s.11
  • Funding terrorism – fundraising, Terrorism Act 2000, s.15
  • Funding terrorism – use and possession, Terrorism Act 2000, s.16
  • Funding terrorism – funding arrangements, Terrorism Act 200, s.17
  • Funding terrorism – money laundering, Terrorism Act 2000, s.18
  • Failure to disclose information about acts of terrorism, Terrorism Act 2000, s.38B
  • Possession for terrorist purposes, Terrorism Act 2000, s.57
  • Collection of terrorist information, Terrorism Act 2000, s.58

On 27 July 2022 the Council published revised terrorism guidelines to reflect increases in maximum sentences and other changes brought in by the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019 and the Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Act 2021. These guidelines came into force on 1 October 2022.


The first consultation on draft guidelines for sentencing terrorism offences was held between 12 October 2017 and 22 November 2017.

The Council held a second consultation between October and December 2019 following significant changes to terrorism legislation brought in by the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019.

Following the introduction of the Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Act 2021, we held a further consultation proposing a series of amendments to four guidelines to reflect the new legislation. This consultation opened on 20 October 2021 and closed on 11 January 2022.

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To support the guidelines and consultations, the Council also publishes a range of documents. These documents may include consultation responses, statistical bulletins, resource and equality impact assessments and guideline assessments.

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