Sentencing Guidelines for use in Magistrates' Court

Making temporary copies of guidelines

You can now make temporary print and pdf copies of offence specific and overarching guidelines from the website.

Click on the print icon on the top right of the required page. In the print dialogue box, select either your local printer or Adobe pdf/print to pdf. To include “drop box” text such as Applicability or Band Ranges in your copy, open the drop box before printing.

Please note that the single-pdf version of the MCSG is no longer available.

Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines

You will find on these pages all the Sentencing Council guidelines and other materials magistrates need when sentencing offenders in court.

You can search for any of the guidelines using ‘Search offences’ on the left-hand side bar.

The explanatory material and fines calculator, as well as other useful documents and links, are also available on the left-hand side bar.

Sentencing guidelines app for use offline

If you do not have access to wifi, the Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines (MCSG) are also available as an app.

You can access the MCSG app via the Bench Solution iPads or download it to your own iPad free of charge from the App Store.


When we publish new guidelines, we flag changes on the MCSG Updates page of this website and in the app.

New guidelines are added to the list of offences in purple to clearly distinguish between those guidelines that have yet to come into force and those already in force.

New guidelines are automatically added to the MCSG app.

Help and support

If there is additional material you need, or you have trouble finding something, please do let us know by emailing We aim to respond to emails within 24 hours. If you need help urgently, please call 020 7071 5793.

This site will continue to grow and have new content and tools added. If you have suggestions of things that would be useful or that you need when sentencing, please do get in touch.