Drink-driving calculator

Date disqualification imposed

Period of disqualification

Was an immediate custodial sentence imposed?

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Disqualification: <%debug_disqualificationDays%> days = <%debug_disqualificationEndDate%>


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Length of reduction (1 week/month, minimum 3 months)


Course to be completed by


Disqualification end date with course reduction


Disqualification end date with no reduction


How has this been worked out?

Months = calendar days (ie 30 or 31 days (or 28/29, if Feb) depending on when disqualification begins).

Disqualification is extended by half of any custodial term imposed. Extension is disregarded when calculating rehabilitation driving course reduction.

Half days are rounded down (eg a 3-day custodial sentence would be halved and rounded down to show a 1-day extension on disqualification).

“Disqualification end date” is the date on which the offender is permitted to drive again. A new driving licence must be applied for if the ban has been for 56 days or more.