The definitive guidelines for sentencing sexual offences were issued on 12 December 2013 and came into force on 1 April 2014.

There are over 50 offences included in the definitive guideline


The consultation on the draft guideline on sexual offences was open from 6 December 2012 to 14 March 2013. We received 165 responses.

A consultation that sought people’s views on a number of proposed amendments to existing child sex offence sentencing guidelines, and on a draft guideline for the offence of sexual communication with a child on the sentencing of sexual offences was open from 13 May to 13 August 2021.

Offences covered

Related documents

To support the guidelines and consultations, the Council also publishes a range of related documents. These documents may include consultation responses, statistical bulletins, resource and equality impact assessments and guideline assessments.

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