The Council collects data directly from courts, which we use to supplement information drawn from a wide range of criminal justice system administrative data sources.

Crown Court Sentencing Survey

Between 1 October 2010 and 31 March 2015, we ran the Crown Court Sentencing Survey (CCSS) to collect information on sentencing reasons (including harm and culpability factors and aggravating and mitigating factors), as well as guilty pleas and sentence outcomes.

Further information and the associated data publications can be found on the Crown Court Sentencing Survey page.

Offence specific data collections

Today, we conduct targeted and bespoke data collections in both the Crown Court and magistrates’ courts that gather similar data to the CCSS. Where possible, we collect data both before and after a new guideline has come into force. Analysis of data from these collections helps us explore what might be influencing outcomes and to understand how the guideline has been implemented in practice.

Further information and the datasets themselves can be found on the Offence specific data collections page.