The Council is supported in its work by the Office of the Sentencing Council (OSC), a small professional body of analysts, researchers and policy, legal and communication specialists. In particular, the team:

  • prepares draft guidelines for consultation and publication, subject to approval from the Council;
  • ensures that the Council meets its statutory analytical obligations;
  • provides legal advice to ensure that the Council exercises its functions in a legally sound manner;
  • delivers communication activity to support the Council’s business and promote public confidence in sentencing; and
  • provides efficient and accurate budget management, with an emphasis on value for money.

Senior management team

The work of the OSC is overseen by a senior management team comprising the Head of Office and senior staff. The role of the team is to:

  • monitor and evaluate progress of the Council’s workplan, as published in the Business Plan;
  • monitor and evaluate budget expenditure, and make decisions regarding budget allocation;
  • undertake regular review of the risk register on behalf of the Governance sub-group, with a view to ensuring that all information regarding delivery of the Sentencing Council’s objectives and mitigation of risks is current and updated; and
  • consider and make decisions on any other issues relating to the work of the OSC as may be relevant.