This calculator is designed to assist magistrates and judges in calculating the total financial penalty in a case. It is not a decision making tool. General guidance is available on financial penalties and specific guidance is available on:

The calculator takes account of:

  • changes to surcharge values for offences committed on or after 16 June 2022, and
  • a judgment of the Court of Appeal which states that the total fine or total length of imprisonment should be used to calculate the surcharge when there are multiple offences.
Income (RWI)
Offence 1

Maximum Sentence

Starting Point

Guilty plea




Prosecution costs

Fine before plea

£<% getFineBeforePleaSubTotal() | number:2 %>

Fine after plea

£<% getFineAfterPleaSubTotal() | number:2 %>


£<% getCompenstationSubTotal() | number:2 %>


£<% cSurchargeView | number:2 %>

Prosecution costs

£<% cCostView | number:2 %>


£<%getGrandTotal() | number:2 %>
*If any of the offences were committed before 28 June 2019, see the Explanatory Materials.