Fine calculator

This calculator is designed to assist magistrates and judges in calculating the total financial penalty in a case. It is not a decision making tool. General guidance is available on financial penalties and specific guidance is available on:

The calculator has been updated to take account of changes to surcharge values, and provides users with the option of using the old or new values subject to the date of the offence.  The new calculator also provides improved functionality.

Income (RWI)
Offence 1

Starting Point

Guilty plea




Prosecution costs

Fine before plea

£{{ getFineBeforePleaSubTotal() | number:2 }}

Fine after plea

£{{ getFineAfterPleaSubTotal() | number:2 }}


£{{ getCompenstationSubTotal() | number:2 }}


£{{ cSurchargeView | number:2 }}

Prosecution costs

£{{ cCostView | number:2 }}


£{{getGrandTotal() | number:2 }}
*If any of the offences were committed before 8 April 2016, see the Explanatory Materials.