Conditional bail

You are granted bail with conditions to appear before this court on ………… at …………. am/pm. If you do not come back to court at that date and time, you may commit an offence. You could be arrested, fined or sent to prison. If you commit an offence while on bail your sentence will be greater.

[If applicable.] Your case is listed for trial on the next occasion. If you do not attend, the trial will proceed in your absence, unless it is not in the interests of justice to do so.

You must comply with the following conditions. If you do not, you could be arrested and brought back to court when your bail will be reconsidered.

[State in exact terms what the conditions are e.g.

  • residence e.g. to live and sleep at …………
  • curfew
  • reporting to a police station
  • non-contact with named witnesses (direct and/or indirect)
  • appointments with drug intervention team.]

[See exclusion and attendance monitoring conditions.]

These conditions are necessary to make sure:

  • you attend court [and/or]
  • you do not commit offences on bail [and/or]
  • you do not interfere with witnesses [and/or]
  • you attend your appointments.

[State what must happen at the next hearing and make any directions necessary to ensure effective case management.] 

[If applicable.] We are satisfied that even though you have tested positive for Class A drugs and refused treatment there is no significant risk of you committing further offences because …………

[If applicable.] We believe that these conditions address the concerns the prosecution have told us about.

[If applicable.] We are granting you bail because if you were convicted of this offence there is no real prospect of you receiving a custodial sentence. Whilst we are not remanding you in custody, this is not an indication of the sentence you may be given if you are convicted. The sentencing court may impose any sentence that the law allows including a custodial sentence.

[If an either-way offence.] You may still be committed to the Crown Court where the judge may impose a greater sentence than we can.

Do you understand?

Exclusion and attendance monitoring conditions