In the event that you are unable to read any of the pages or documents on this website, please  and we will arrange to get an accessible version to you.

Access keys

Access keys help users who may have difficulty using pointing devices.

Use the following access keys to move around intranet pages.

In Internet Explorer, press Alt plus the access key from the following list, then the ENTER key. For example Alt-1, ENTER will take you to the home page.

In Firefox, press shift – Alt and the access key from the following list.

  • Accessibility – 0
  • Home – 1
  • Search – 4
  • Crown Copyright – c
  • Skip to navigation – i
  • Access keys – k
  • Contact us – p
  • Skip to content – s
  • SGC/SAP website – w


The access keys attribute is only supported by MS Internet Explorer 4 and above and by Netscape 6x versions. With Windows based systems the user has to press the ‘Alt key’ and the access key number or letter, followed by the return key. With Macintosh based systems the user has to press the ‘Ctrl key’ and the access key number or letter.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Some documents in this site are stored in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). This file format is used to store documents with complex formatting that the authors would like to preserve (typically text in several columns and mixed with a number of graphics).

Files in this format will have the PDF symbol next to them. To view and print PDF files, you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed – download Adobe Reader

Alternative ways to view Adobe Acrobat documents

This website uses Adobe Acrobat to show certain documents. If you can’t use Acrobat Reader to see these documents (for example, if you use screen reader software of an audio-enabled web browser), Adobe provide a free online tool which converts them to text. For further information and to use this service go to Online conversion tools for Adobe PDF documents. Enter the web address (URL) of the Adobe Acrobat document you want to read into the web form and the service will return the document to you as a web page (HTML) or as plain text. Alternatively, you can choose to get it emailed to you as an attachment.