Youth rehabilitation order (YRO)

  • The only community order available in the youth court for offences committed on or after 30 November 2009.
  • It must include one or more of 15 requirements.
  • The offence must be deemed ‘serious enough’ for a community penalty, but need not be imprisonable.
  • A court cannot impose a YRO at a time when another YRO or a reparation order is in force, unless it revokes the earlier order.
  • There is no minimum term, but it must be a maximum of 3 years. However, different requirements attached to an order may be made for different periods as specified in the order. The end date of the YRO must be the same as the longest requirement. Supervision requirement must be the same as the end date of the order.
  • Before making a YRO, the court must obtain and consider information about the offender’s family circumstances and the likely effect of such an order on those circumstances. In addition, the court must ensure that any requirements are compatible with each other and do not conflict with the offender’s religious beliefs, or interfere with their education.

For the offence(s) of ………… we are making a youth rehabilitation order.

This will last for ………… months until ………… [specify end date of order].

You will have to do the following: ………… [state the individual requirement words shown on the relevant card, as appropriate.]

If you break any of the requirements, or commit another offence while on your order, you may be brought back to court and you could be dealt with in some other way. You must notify your Youth Offending Team officer and the court if you change your address.

If you cannot attend appointments through illness, your Youth Offending Team officer will need to see a medical certificate. If you do not provide this, you will break the rules of this order, and may be brought back to court.

You or your officer may ask the court to look at this order again if your circumstances change.

We are making this order because the offence(s) is/are serious enough for a community order having considered all of the following …………

[Using your sentencing form, give your reasons including:

  • The aggravating or mitigating circumstances that determine the level of culpability and degree of harm caused (offence).
  • Child or young person’s personal mitigation (offender).
  • Reasons for a treatment requirement (consent required).]

We have reduced your sentence because you pleaded guilty. If you had not, it would have been …………

You must also pay a surcharge of £………… This money is used to fund victim services.

Do you understand?

[Consider any ancillary orders.]