Reparation order

  • Available for all youths.
  • Maximum of 24 hours over a period of three months.
  • The reparation required should be commensurate with the seriousness of the offence. The youth is placed for the duration of the order under the supervision of a Youth Offending Team officer.
  • It is not a community penalty.
  • The court should specify whether the reparation required is to:
    • a person(s) so specified, or
    • to the community at large.
  • The court must obtain and consider a written report before making a reparation order.
  • A reparation order cannot be combined with a YRO or a DTO.

1.  We are going to make a reparation order in your case for a period of three months.

You will be placed under the supervision of [specify name of Youth Offending Team officer].

You have to [give details of the reparation and whether it is to an individual or the community].

You or the Youth Offending Team officer can apply to the court to review the order.

If you break any of the terms of the order, you may be brought back to court and we could punish you in some other way. You or your officer may ask the court to look at the order again if your circumstances change.

Do you understand?

[To offender and parent/guardian.] Have you anything to say?

Then we make a reparation order.

We have reduced your sentence because you pleaded guilty. If you had not, it would have been …………

Do you understand?

[Consider any ancillary orders.]

2.  Although we could make a reparation order we have decided not to because ………… [give details].