Remand to youth detention accommodation 2nd set of conditions (youths aged 12-17, summary imprisonable offences)

You are remanded to youth detention accommodation until ………… Until then you will be the responsibility of/looked after by ………… [insert designated local authority details].

We are not granting you bail because:

  1. there are substantial grounds to believe that you will commit an offence on bail, because this offence was committed on bail [and/or]
  2. there are substantial grounds to believe you would commit an offence that is likely to cause, or make ………… [insert details of associated person] fear physical or mental injury [and/or]
  3. we believe you will not come back to court because of your previous failure to do so [and/or]
  4. you have previously been released on conditional bail and have not kept to those conditions and we have substantial grounds to believe that:
    1. you will not come back to court [and/or]
    2. you will commit an offence [and/or]
    3. you will interfere with witnesses or obstruct the course of the case [and/or]
  5. we are satisfied that it should be refused for your own welfare [and/or]
  6. you are already serving a custodial sentence [and/or]
  7. we are satisfied that we do not have enough information to decide if you can be released.

You are charged with an offence that carries a custodial sentence and we are satisfied that there is a real prospect you will receive such a sentence.

You have a recent history of absconding whilst subject to custodial remands and this offence is said to have been committed whilst on such a remand. [and/or] This offence, together with others you have been convicted of, shows a recent history of committing imprisonable offences whilst on bail or subject to custodial remands because …………

A remand to youth detention accommodation is necessary [to protect the public from death or serious harm from you] [to prevent you from committing further imprisonable offences] because …………