Remand in custody pre-conviction (either–way & indictable offences)

You are remanded in custody until …………

We are not granting you bail because:

  1. there are substantial grounds to believe that:
    1. you will not come back to court [and/or]
    2. you will commit an offence [and/or]
    3. you will interfere with witnesses or obstruct the course of the case [and/or]
  2. it is alleged you have committed this offence whilst on bail [and/or]
  3. you have previously been released on conditional bail and have not kept to those conditions

[In any of the above exceptions] and if you are convicted, we believe, there is a real prospect of you receiving a custodial sentence for this offence [and/or]

  1. there are substantial grounds to believe that you will commit an offence that is likely to cause, or make ………… [insert details of associated person] fear physical or mental injury [and/or]
  2. you have tested positive for ………… [insert details of Class A drug] but will not agree to a drug assessment and/or treatment [and/or]
  3. we are satisfied that this is for your own protection [and/or]
  4. you are already a serving prisoner [and/or]
  5. we are satisfied that we do not have enough information and we cannot reach a decision about bail.

We believe this because:

  1. of the nature and seriousness of the offence and how you might be dealt with for it [and/or]
  2. of your criminal record and personal background and character [and/or]
  3. you have not complied with previous grants of bail [and/or]
  4. of the strength of the evidence against you [and/or]
  5. you may engage in conduct that may cause, or make an associated person fear injury [and/or]
  6. [any other relevant reason – insert details.]

[If the next hearing is by videolink state] You will not be produced before the court on ………… but will take part in the hearing over a live television link in the same way as if you were here in person.