Notification order (offences committed outside UK)

You have committed (a) sexual offence(s) outside the UK. If you had committed the offence in the UK you would have been required to notify the police of certain things.

Therefore, we are making a notification order for ………… years.

Within 3 days [of your release] you must also go to ………… police station and tell them:

  • your full name, including all other names you may use
  • your date of birth
  • your national insurance number
  • your bank account, credit and debit card, passport and identity document details
  • your main address and any other addresses you may reside at. If you have no main address, every 7 days, you must provide an address or location in the UK where you can regularly be found. You must also notify the police if you stay at an address where anyone under the age of 18 lives.

If you intend to travel abroad regardless of the length of the trip, you must give the police 7 days advance notice of your plans.

You must confirm your details to the police every 12 months even if they are the same.

You must comply with these notification requirements for ………… years.

If you do not provide the correct information to the police on time, you will commit an offence and could be sent to prison.

Do not leave the court building until you have a written notice of what you have to do.