Football banning order

We are banning you from entering any premises for the purpose of attending any regulated football match in the UK, for a period of ………… This is to help prevent violence or disorder connected with football matches.

Within 5 days of [ today] [your release from custody] you must report to ………… police station. The officer will inform you of exactly what you are required to do.

You will be directed by the Football Orders Banning Authority to surrender your passport to a police station when certain football matches are being played outside the UK.

[If applicable] You must comply with the following additional requirement(s) …………

[State in exact terms that they may include:

  • attending at a police station to have a photograph taken
  • any other requirement necessary to ensure the order is effective.]

You will be committing an offence if you break any of the requirements and you could be sent to prison.

Once two thirds of the order is complete, you can ask the court to consider ending the order.

Do you understand?

Do not leave the court building until you have a copy of the order.