Disqualification – general

[This assumes details of individual offence(s) and totting have already been given.]

You are disqualified from driving for ………… days/weeks/months/years. This means you cannot drive any motor vehicle on a road or public place from this moment until the end of your disqualification. If you drive while disqualified, you will commit a serious offence and you may be sent to custody and disqualified again.

[Where applicable, for 16-17 year olds.] If the disqualification is 56 days or more – You must apply to the DVLA for a new photocard licence if you wish to drive once your disqualification has ended. You should not drive until you have received your new photocard licence. [Where a photocard licence has not been surrendered to the court] Your current photocard licence is no longer valid and you must send it to the DVLA.

[Where applicable, for 16-17 year olds.] If the disqualification is for 55 days or less – The disqualification will be noted on your DVLA driving record. You do not need to hand in your photocard licence, but it is not valid until the disqualification has ended.

[If an immediate custodial sentence is imposed] – The period if your disqualification will be extended to take into account the custodial sentence imposed.

Do you understand?