Custodial sentence

We are sending you to [prison] [a young offender institution] for a total period of ………… days/weeks/months.

  • [State each offence.
  • State the term of custody.
  • State whether concurrent or consecutive.]
  1. The offence(s) is/are so serious that only a custodial sentence can be justified. [or]
  2. There has been a wilful and persistent failure to comply with your community order. [or]
  3. You have refused to agree to the making of a ………… requirement on a community order.

Our reasons are:

[State your reasons]

[If applicable.] We have reduced your sentence because you pleaded guilty. If you had not, it would have been …………

………… days that you have spent on a tagged curfew will count towards this sentence. Any time spent on remand will be calculated by the appropriate authority/prison/YOI.
[If the defendant has been remanded or on a tagged curfew for more than 9 hours a day, your legal adviser will calculate the number of days to be taken into account.]

If sentencing for an offence(s) committed after 31 January 2015. You will normally be released on licence once you have served half your sentence. Your licence will continue until the end of your sentence and if you are convicted of a further offence, or breach any of the other requirements of your licence, you may be returned to prison.

At the end of your licence period, you will then be further supervised in the community. The supervision will end 12 months after your date of release from prison. If you do not comply with the terms of this supervision, you may be brought back to court and given a further penalty which can include sending you to prison.

[If applicable.] As a foreign national who has been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, you are now liable to deportation. The Home Office makes this decision, not the court, and they will contact you.

Do you understand?

[If applicable consider any ancillary orders, compensation and/or disqualification.]