Contingent Destruction Order (Non-prohibited dogs – Dangerous Dogs Act 1991)

We are making a contingent destruction order in respect of ………… [insert name/description of dog(s)].

We are satisfied that ………… [insert name/description of dog(s)] does not constitute a danger to public safety.

This is because …………

[State your reasons based on the following non-exhaustive list:

  • The incident – the degree of harm caused by the dog’s behaviour.
  • Past behaviour of the dog – is this an isolated incident or have there been previous warnings or incidents?
  • Owner’s character – is the owner a fit and proper person to own this particular dog?]

You must therefore keep ………… [insert name/description of dog(s)] under proper control.

[If applicable] In addition we impose the following conditions:

[State which of the following conditions apply:

  • When in a public place, the dog(s) must be muzzled.
  • When in a public place, the dog(s) must be held securely on a lead by a person aged 16 years or more.
  • The dog(s) must not enter ………… [specify the excluded area].
  • If male, the dog(s) must be neutered.]

If you do not comply with this order, the dog(s) may be seized and destroyed and you may be ordered to pay the costs of its keep until it is destroyed and for the costs of the destruction.