Alcohol abstinence and monitoring requirement (community order/suspended sentence order)

[Starting now] [From ………… [insert date]]and whilst you are waiting for your tag to be fitted, you must not [consume alcohol] for a period of ………… until ………… [insert date] and during that period you must submit to monitoring to check that you are complying.

[Where the requirements imposed do not include a tagged curfew, include the following .] You must remain at ………… [specify address] from 27 June 2022 [specify later date] between 5pm and midnight until ………… [insert date two days later], so your tag can be fitted and the monitoring equipment installed. This requirement will end once the equipment has been installed. You must co-operate with the fitting of the tag and installation of the monitoring equipment.


[Where the defendant has no fixed address, include the following.] The tagging equipment will be installed at a Probation office and you must attend that office on a date and time notified to you by your responsible officer to have your tag fitted. They will also arrange a time to upload the information from your tag. You must attend at that time and comply with any reasonable instructions given to you for each further upload.

You will be fitted with a tag by the monitoring company. The tag must be worn at all times during the term of the requirement(s). You must not remove or interfere with the equipment in any way, and you must keep the battery charged, as instructed. You must allow access for the monitoring company staff so they can fit the tag and explain how it works. You must comply with any reasonable instructions given to you.