Please complete the form after you have sentenced the offender.

Please do not complete the form if:

  • You are sentencing an under 18-year-old. The information is being collected for adult offenders only.
  • The sentence was activated following a suspended sentence or conditional discharge.

If an offender has been sentenced for more than one offence of Domestic Burglary, please complete a form for the PRINCIPAL OFFENCE (the offence attracting the highest sentence). If the sentences are the same, please select the most recent.

If there are multiple offenders whose main offence is Domestic Burglary, please complete one form for each offender.

The form should take 5-8 minutes to complete.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required to be completed before proceeding to the next section.

If you have any queries about completing this survey, please contact the Office of the Sentencing Council at:

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