You Be The Judge

Try sentencing for yourself by going to You Be The Judge online.

You Be The Judge puts you in the judge’s seat. You will get to choose from eight real life court cases, you will hear the facts of the case, and the aggravating and mitigating factors, then you will decide the sentence. Finally you get to see how your sentence compares to the one handed out by the judge in the real case.

See what others have found when having a go at sentencing. You be the Judge – What’s your verdict

Guidelines used in You Be The Judge cases


Alexander Jackson, 26, has been found guilty of breaking into and stealing from a family’s house.

Criminal damageCriminal damage

Robert Horton, 23, has been found guilty of scratching three cars and spraying graffiti on a garage door.

Possession of drugs with intent to supplyPossession of drugs with intent to supply

Rebecca Edwards, 28, has been found guilty of having more than 300 ecstasy pills, which she was going to sell.


David Chichester, 56, has been found guilty of punching a motorist, causing his death.


Connor Davies, 30, has been found guilty of beating an old man to death. No guideline. The framework for sentencing murder is contained in the:

robberyRobbery (adult offender)

Andrew Roberts, 35, has been found guilty of robbing a young woman of her handbag at knife point.

Robbery - young offenderRobbery (young offender)

Robert J., 15, has been found guilty of robbing a mobile phone and money off a smaller boy.

Threatening behaviourThreatening behaviour

Chris Williams, 19, has been found guilty of threatening an old lady who lives in his neighbourhood.


Further information about sentencing is available on Open Justice.