Welcome to the online Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines

Welcome to the new online sentencing guidelines for magistrates.

This site is designed to enable magistrates to have free access to all Sentencing Council guidelines as well as links to other material for their use when sentencing offenders in the magistrates’ courts. Start using the online guidelines now! 

See the updates section for what is new, including updated relevant weekly income (RWI) rates.

Alternative versions

Whilst not all magistrates have devices on which to use these guidelines and not all courts have wi-fi, we are continuing to supply alternative versions.

If you have an iPad, but no wi-fi, an offline version of these guidelines is now available.

You can also still download the pdf.

If you have no portable device to take into court and wish to print content in hard copy, please use the link above to download the pdf and print off the necessary pages.

Revised explanatory material

If you are maintaining a hard copy, the online explanatory material (part five in the hard copy) has been substantially reorganised and amended so you may wish to print this section (pages 141 – 195 in the pdf) which can then replace part five in your hard copy.

Please note, whilst we have ensured that references to page numbers within the explanatory materials are correct, some references within the guidelines themselves to pages in part five, may no longer be correct.


When new guidelines are published, we will flag changes on this site in the Updates section and will add these to the list of offences using colour coding to clearly distinguish between those guidelines which are yet to come into force and those already in force.

We will also update the offline version and offer a pdf of the latest guideline to print which can be added to your MCSG folder. Where there is high demand for printed copies, courts can contact the office and we will arrange for black and white copies to be delivered to your court for circulation to those that need them.

Help and support

If there is additional material you need, or you have trouble finding something, please do let us know by emailing MCSGsupport@sentencingcouncil.gsi.gov.uk.

We aim to respond to these emails within 24 hours of receiving them. If you require urgent assistance, please call 020 7071 5793. 

This site will continue to grow and have new content and tools added so if you have suggestions of things that would be useful or that you need when sentencing, please do get in touch.