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…udges can give are not, therefore, affected by the new guideline. Deputy Chairman of the Sentencing Council, Lord Justice Hughes, said: “These guidelines reinforce current sentencing practice for the different kinds of burglary. Burglary is often not simply a crime against property but may have a serious impact on people whose houses or businesses are invaded. Those who burgle people’s houses will normally go to prison. “I…

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…It indicates that they want to see sentence ranges which allow the court enough flexibility to reflect the factors of the case and decide what sentence is most appropriate. The draft guideline covers the offences of domestic burglary, non-domestic burglary and aggravated burglary. It reinforces the particularly serious nature of aggravated burglary – that is, where a burglar has a weapon – and proposes that the sentences for this…

…earchers and academics Minutes of meeting: July 2011 Minutes of meeting: June 2011 ABH offence case study Assault: Guideline approach Minutes of meeting: May 2011 Attitudes to guilty plea sentence reductions: Research report Burglary offences: Consultation Burglary offences: Draft equality impact assessment Burglary offences: Analysis and research bulletin Minutes of meeting: April 2011 Public attitudes to the sentencing of drug offences:…

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A consultation paper for a legal professional audience on the sentencing of burglary offences . Closed on 4 August 2011.

…View related documents on burglary offences here. The definitive guideline on burglary offences was issued on 13 October 2011 and came into force on 16 January 2012. The consultation on the draft guideline on burglary offences was open from 12 May 2011 to 4 August 2011. There were 460 responses received. The following offences are included in the definitive guideline: Aggravated burglary. Domestic burglary. Non-domestic burglary….

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A bulletin explaining current sentencing practice for burglary offences describing the context in which the consultation proposals were made.

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Assessments of the impact of the burglary offences definitive guideline.

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A summary of the responses received to the consultation paper on the sentencing of burglary offences.

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Burglary offences Crown Court Sentencing Survey (CCSS) form. All judges (or other sentencers) sitting in the Crown Court should complete a form every time a sentence is passed.

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Two scenarios intended to familiarise sentencers with the guideline and its step-by-step approach in relation to domestic and non-domestic burglary. These case studies are for illustration only; each individual case must be sentenced according to the factors of that case.