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Burglary offences

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9 June 2021

A consultation paper on the sentencing of burglary offences. Closed 1 September 2021.

Burglary offences: Consultation

This consultation sought views on revised versions of the existing burglary sentencing guidelines, which cover domestic, non-domestic and aggravated burglary offences. The guidelines came into effect in 2012 and the Council is proposing revisions following an evaluation. 

Following an evaluation of the existing 2012 guidelines, the Council consulted on a number of revisions to the burglary guidelines. We asked for people’s feedback on our proposals to:

  • introduce new middle categories for both culpability and harm factors, to allow judges and magistrates greater flexibility in deciding on an appropriate sentence; 
  • update the format of the guidelines to reflect the stepped approach used in recent sentencing guidelines; and
  • some minor changes to wording and placement of factors.

We are also sought views on:

  • the principal factors that make any of the offences included in the revised guidelines more or less serious;
  • the additional factors that should influence the sentence;
  • the approach taken to structuring the draft guidelines;
  • the types and lengths of sentence that should be passed; and
  • anything else you think should be considered.

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