Publication types:
Research report

Publication topics:
Analysis & research

Published on:

8 November 2023

In the Sentencing Council’s strategic objectives for 2021-2026 we made a commitment to explore how guideline users access, use and interact with the sentencing guidelines on our website. To do this, we conducted research using a two-strand approach. The first strand was a survey distributed by the Council to guideline users in 2022, the results of which informed a second strand of research, for which we commissioned the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT).

The project has identified areas where the usability of the tools, functions and guidelines available on the website, such as the search function and fine calculator, could be improved. In response to the findings from the 2021 survey, as well as the recommendations set out in the BIT report, the Council has already made a number of improvements to the website, and is considering further changes improve the experience of guideline users.

Reports with an analysis of the findings of both strands can be found below.

Survey analysis – how do guideline users use and interact with the Sentencing Council’s website? Part 1

Research – user testing of the sentencing guidelines: Part 2