New online sentencing guidelines for magistrates

The Sentencing Council has completed its work to create online sentencing guidelines for magistrates.

Visit the new MCSG pages of our website to access the full set of sentencing guidelines as well as links to other material. The site offers free and unlimited access to guidelines with a guarantee that they will be up to date at all times.

The online MCSG allows users to search for offences using a highly sophisticated search tool, have multiple guidelines open simultaneously in separate windows and access newly revised explanatory materials to support decision making. A fines calculator and Judicial College materials such as the pronouncement cards and the bench book are also available.

The new guidelines will be freely available from any device connected to the internet and will provide all the functions of any other website. Simply visit the MCSG section of the Sentencing Council’s website. Alternatively, you will be able to access the guidelines via a tile on eJudiciary.

Further information about the transition from hard copies and pdfs to digital as well as how the publication of new guidelines and other updates will be handled, is available on the MCSG homepage.

The online MCSG includes revised rates for RWI (relevant weekly income).  Details can be found under fines and financial orders within the Explanatory Materials

Read more about this in Jill Gramann’s blog.

Help and support

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