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A new judicial member has been appointed to the Sentencing Council by the Lord Chief Justice, with the agreement of Read More

Minor revisions and corrections log: 20 August 2019 Sentencing Council policy on making changes to digital guidelines The Sentencing Council Read more

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We have published a report of research carried out to help the Council better understand public attitudes towards, and understanding Read More

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The Sentencing Council has a statutory duty to have regard to the need to promote public confidence in the system when developing the sentencing guidelines and monitoring their impact. To achieve this, the Council must have an understanding of the public’s attitude to, and knowledge of, sentencing and the criminal justice system.

Judges and magistrates across England and Wales will have access to expanded explanations embedded in offence specific guidelines. The expanded Read More

Judges and magistrates across England and Wales hand down sentences to over 1 million offenders a year for criminal offences. Read More

The new overarching General guideline was published on 24 July 2019. It will appear in a purple colour scheme until Read more

For sentencing offences for which there is no offence specific sentencing guideline, and For use in conjunction with offence specific Read More

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A summary of the responses received to the consultation paper on the General guideline and expanded explanations in sentencing guidelines.

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Judges and magistrates in criminal courts across England and Wales will have a new General guideline for sentencing offences that Read More