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4 November 2021

Sentencing Council strategic objectives 2021-2026 identifies the five objectives that are the Council’s main priorities and the actions we are taking to achieve them.

What does the strategy say?

The strategy commits the Council to five objectives:

  • The Council will promote consistency and transparency in sentencing through the development and revision of sentencing guidelines
  • The Council will ensure that all our work is evidence-based and will work to enhance and strengthen the data and evidence that underpins it
  • The Council will explore and consider issues of equality and diversity relevant to our work and take any necessary action in response within our remit
  • The Council will consider and collate evidence on effectiveness of sentencing and seek to enhance the ways in which we raise awareness of the relevant issues
  • The Council will work to strengthen confidence in sentencing by improving public knowledge and understanding of sentencing, including among victims, witnesses and offenders, as well as the general public


The strategy follows a public consultation that was held to mark the Council’s 10th anniversary in 2020.