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Miscellaneous amendments to sentencing guidelines

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18 March 2024

A summary of the responses received to the third annual consultation on miscellaneous amendments to sentencing guidelines, and details of all guidelines affected.

  • Fraud – amending the Fraud guideline to address perceptions that non-financial impact is not given sufficient weight and to cater for situations where there is no or minimal pecuniary loss
  • Fly-tipping – amending the Individuals: Unauthorised or harmful deposit, treatment or disposal etc of waste/ Illegal discharges to air, land and water guideline to give greater emphasis to community orders over fines
  • Equality and diversity in sentencing – amending or adding mitigating factors and the associated expanded explanations to address issues relating to:
    • Remorse
    • Good character and/or exemplary conduct
    • Determination and/or demonstration of steps having been taken to address addiction or offending behaviour
    • Age and/or lack of maturity
    • New factors: Difficult and/or deprived background or personal circumstances and Prospects of or in work, training or education
    • New factor: Pregnancy and maternity
  • Manslaughter – changes relating to:
    • strangulation, suffocation or asphyxiation
    • coercive or controlling behaviour

Response to consultation – pdf
Response to consultation – hmtl
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