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Firearms offences

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17 June 2021

A consultation paper on the sentencing of firearms importation offences. Closed 8 September 2021.

Firearms importation offences: Consultation

This consultation sought views on a proposed new sentencing guideline for offences of importation of firearms. Currently, there are no sentencing guidelines for firearms importation offences for use in either magistrates’ courts or the Crown Court.

In October 2019 we consulted on eight sentencing guidelines for other firearms offences (these came into force on 1 January 2020) and some of those who responded to that consultation proposed that we should develop a guideline for firearms importation offences. The Council agreed that there was a need to develop one and sought views on a proposed guideline for use in magistrates’ courts and the Crown Court.

In June 2021 we sought views on:

  • the main factors that make the offences in the guideline more or less serious;
  • the additional factors that should influence the sentence;
  • the approach taken to structuring the draft guideline;
  • the types and lengths of sentence that should be passed; and
  • anything else you think should be considered.

Which offences are covered by the guideline?

Firearms – Importation for consultation only

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