Publication types:
Research report

Published on:

13 September 2023

The Council undertakes research and analysis to support the development and monitoring of sentencing guidelines and to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of guideline users.

Our analysis and research work is an integral part of the guideline development process. We draw on a range of different data sources, as well as undertaking our own research, both quantitative and qualitative, to inform our work.

This roundup summarises some of the research work recently undertaken or commissioned by the Council. We would like to thank all the participants who have contributed to this work, in particular the sentencers whose contributions have helped to make sure that the guidelines are informed by the experience and expertise of the judges and magistrates who use them.

We are always looking for new members for our ‘research pool’ to support our ongoing research. If you are willing to be contacted occasionally to participate in short research exercises, please fill in this short form. Or, to find out more, get in touch with us at