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4 November 2021

The Sentencing Council is launching a new strategy that will shape our work for the next five years. The strategy follows a public consultation that asked what the Council’s objectives should be for the coming years and how we should balance our priorities within the resources we have at our disposal.

Our Chairman, Lord Justice Holroyde, talks on video about the five objectives that will be the Council’s main priorities for the coming years and the actions we will take to achieve them.

Developing and revising guidelines will continue to be the core of the Council’s work. We will build on the evidence that underpins the guidelines, work to improve understanding of effectiveness of sentencing and extend our efforts to strengthen public confidence by providing more opportunities for people to find out about sentencing and how it works.

Consistent with one very strong message received from consultees, the Council has also made a commitment to prioritise equality and diversity in our work.