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Court data and Research and analysis

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8 May 2019

Between 23 April and 30 September 2019, the Sentencing Council is asking magistrates and district judges to fill out an online sentencing form every time you sentence one of five offences/orders: bladed article/offensive weapon (possession); harassment (s2) and stalking (s2A); breach of a community order; breach of a suspended sentence order; and breach of a protective order.

This short video will talk you through how to access our online forms on the court iPads and on the Sentencing Council app and website.

You can also access the five forms by clicking on the link below:

Magistrates court online data collection

To see how we use the data to help us assess the impact of the guideline and how it is being used in practice, please have a look at our assessments of the theft and drugs guidelines.

Many thanks to all magistrates and district judges for your help in filling out the online forms.  Your input is very much appreciated.