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Miscellaneous amendments to sentencing guidelines

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7 September 2022

The Council is seeking views on a series of proposed changes to existing guidelines in our second annual miscellaneous amendments consultation.

The proposed changes, which apply to both the magistrates’ courts and Crown Court, are designed to bring greater clarity and consistency and reflect developments in legislation. The Council considers the changes to be significant enough to warrant consultation but not so substantial that they require new guidelines to be drafted. They include amendments to guidelines for sentencing:

  • motoring offences, magistrates’ court
  • criminal damage
  • bladed articles offences
  • drug offences
  • burglary
  • unlawful act manslaughter

We would like to hear from anyone who uses sentencing guidelines in their work or who has an interest in sentencing. We would also like to hear from individuals and organisations representing anyone who could be affected by the proposals.