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21 February 2024

The Sentencing Council is consulting on six new and revised sentencing guidelines for motoring offences in England and Wales. The draft guidelines cover offences committed by people driving vehicles without the owner’s consent, vehicle registration fraud and driver disqualification.

The proposed aggravated vehicle taking guidelines cover death caused, injury caused, dangerous driving and vehicle or property damage caused. The proposed new guideline for vehicle registration fraud (offences covers, for example forging, altering or fraudulently using vehicle number plates.

The proposed overarching guideline for driver disqualification brings together the Council’s existing guidance on the principles to follow when imposing a disqualification. 

There are currently sentencing guidelines for magistrates’ courts for aggravated vehicle taking offences involving accident causing injury, dangerous driving and causing damage to vehicle/property published in 2008, but no guidance for Crown Court. The proposed guidelines will apply to both magistrates’ courts and the Crown Court.

The consultation includes:

The Council is seeking views on the draft guideline from judges, magistrates and organisations or members of the public with an interest in this area. The consultation runs from 21 February 2024 to 22 May 2024.