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Research and analysis

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4 February 2021

The Sentencing Council is commissioning a research project to review any potential for its work to cause disparity in sentencing. Aspects to be examined will include those such as the language used, factors, offence context, expanded explanations and structure of sentencing guidelines. As well as examining the guidelines, the work will consider whether any aspects of the guideline development cycle could have any implications for equalities and disparity in sentencing. The review will also consider how the Council can best engage with underrepresented groups to increase awareness and understanding of sentencing guidelines.

The Council is particularly keen to draw on the views of those with direct experience of being sentenced and those who have experience with the criminal justice system in this work.

This work is being commissioned through the Crown Commercial Service Research Market Place Dynamic Purchasing System (CCS DPS). Bidders must be registered on the CCS DPS framework to receive an invitation to tender for this research project.

The Council would like to encourage academics, research providers and third sector groups working with groups with lived experience of sentencing to register on the CCS DPS. Registration takes between two and ten days to come through and potential bidders will then be able to view the invitation to tender for this important piece of work for the Council. Please register on the CCS DPS by Friday 12 February.

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