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The Sentencing Council and the Centre for the Study of Legal Professional Practice, City Law School, invite you to a Read More

A definitive sentencing guideline for sentencing child cruelty was published on 6 September 2018 and the MCSG now contains the Read More

Triable either wayMaximum: 10 years’ custodyOffence range: Community order – 8 years’ custody This is a specified offence for the Read More

Publication  —  Definitive guideline  — 

To be used from 1 January 2019. Definitive sentencing guideline for use in courts in England and Wales on sentencing child cruelty

Publication  —  Consultations  — 

A summary of the responses received to the consultation paper on sentencing child cruelty.

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The Sentencing Council has published a definitive guideline on sentencing child cruelty. The new guideline, which has been issued following Read More

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Publication  —  Statistical bulletin  — 

Data tables showing current sentencing practice to accompany the definitive Child Cruelty guideline.

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Today, the Sentencing Council has published a new guideline for how those guilty of child cruelty offences should be sentenced.  Read More

The Sentencing Council for England and Wales, in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Legal Professional Practice at Read More