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Where an offender is to be fined for two or more offences that arose out of the same incident, it Read More

The Criminal Courts Charge has changed – 24 December 2015 From 24 December 2015, the Criminal Courts Charge no longer Read More

When sentencing for offences committed on or after 1 October 2012 a magistrates’ court must order the Victim Surcharge in Read More

A fine must not exceed the statutory limit. Where this is expressed in terms of a ‘level’, the maxima are: Read More

Where a guilty plea has been entered, the amount of the fine should be reduced by the appropriate proportion. Courts Read More

Where an offence is committed by an organisation, guidance on fines can be found in the environmental offences guideline. See Read More

Some offences are committed with the intention of gaining a significant commercial benefit. These often occur where, in order to Read More

An offender whose primary source of income is state benefit will generally receive a base level of benefit (for example, Read More

While the initial consideration for the assessment of a fine is the offender’s relevant weekly income, the court is required Read More

The seriousness of an offence determines the choice of fine band and the position of the offence within the range Read More