Download publications to your mobile

These instructions outline how you can download the sentencing guidelines directly from our website to your iOS (iPad, iPhone) or Android mobile device.

You can view the PDFs using the browser on your mobile device. This however may not provide you with the easiest viewing experience or allow you access to multiple versions quickly.  To enable this, there are number of commercial mobile applications (apps) that will display PDFs on your mobile device, all with slightly different functionality. We are outlining two apps here, both can be downloaded for free to your mobile device. The iBooks app produced by Apple is bundled on all iOS devices and can be used with iOS devices only. There are two versions of the Acrobat Mobile Reader app produced by Adobe, one will work with Android and the other iOS devices. Both versions can be downloaded from the Adobe website here.

Are you trying to open a PDF for your iPhone or iPad?

1. When you click on a link to a PDF file inside Safari, your device opens up the PDF in Apple’s native PDF viewer. When your PDF first appears you should be able to see a bar at the top of the browser. If you don’t see it, or if it fades away, just tap anywhere on the document and it will reappear.

2. Tap on the “Open in…” button:

3. Select “Adobe Reader or iBooks.”

Your list may vary depending on your apps. If you have many apps that can handle PDFs, you might not have the option to open Reader. Try uninstalling some apps if you can’t open your PDFs in the Mobile Reader or iBooks.

4. Your PDF is open in the Adobe Mobile Reader or iBooks.

Are you trying to open a PDF on you Android device?

Unlike iOS devices which only use ‘native’ Apple applications to browse the Internet, Android devices currently use a variety of search engines and PDF viewers to search the web. Although the process follows the same pattern described above, the exact steps will vary from device to device.