Suspended sentence order

We are sending you to [prison] [a young offender institution] for a total period of ………… days/weeks/months. However, the sentence will be suspended on the condition that you are not convicted of another offence during the next ………… months [ if applicable] and you comply with the requirements imposed during the next ………… months.

The sentence is made up of the following:

  • [List each offence.
  • State the term of custody for each offence.
  • State whether it runs concurrently or consecutively.]

[If applicable.] We intend to impose the following requirement(s): [State which requirements are imposed.]

[The requirements may finish on different dates. Explanations for each of the requirements are provided in the builder in alphabetical order. Note: Treatment requirements must have the consent of the offender.]

If you break any of the requirements, or are convicted of another offence while on your order, you can expect to serve this prison sentence.

You must notify your supervisor if you wish to change your address and get their permission to do so. If your supervisor does not agree that you can change your address you will need to apply to the court. If you move without the permission of your supervisor or the court, you will be in breach of your order and may be brought back to court.

If you cannot attend appointments through illness, your supervisor will need a medical certificate. If you do not provide this, you will break the rules of this order.

If your circumstances change you can ask the court to review the order.

We are making this order because the offence(s) is/are so serious that custody is the only suitable option. Our reasons are:

[State your reasons]

[If applicable.] We have reduced your sentence because you pleaded guilty. If you had not, it would have been …………

[If applicable consider any ancillary orders, compensation and/or disqualification]