The Sentencing Council is an independent body that has been created to ensure transparency and consistency in sentencing whilst maintaining and promoting the independence of the judiciary. For more information go to About us.

What does the Sentencing Council do?

The Sentencing Council is responsible for developing sentencing guidelines and monitoring their use. The Council will be required to assess the impact of sentencing practice and promote awareness of sentencing matters and will play a key role in promoting awareness about sentencing. The key functions of the Council are set out in the Coroners and Justice Act 2009. For more information go to Our work.

Who is on the Sentencing Council?

The Sentencing Council is made of 14 members. Eight are members of the judiciary and six are non-judicial members with high experience in the criminal justice system. The chairman (and one of the eight judicial members) is Lord Justice Holroyde. For more information go to Council members.