How to use these sentencing guidelines

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  • Animal cruelty

    Animal Welfare Act 2006, s.4 (unnecessary suffering), s.5 (mutilation), s.6 (docking of dogs’ tails), s.7 (administration of poisons etc), s.8 (fighting etc)
    AW06029,AW06041,AW06043,AW06044,AW06045,AW06046,AW06046B,AW06048,AW06049,AW06050,AW06051,AW06052,AW06053,AW06054,AW06055,AW06056,AW06057,AW06058,AW06059,AW06060,AW06061,s4,s5,s6,s7,s8,section 4,section 5,section 6,section 7,section 8,